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Baghera Classic Pedal Car Red


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This pretty pedal car, with its thirties design, immediately takes you back to a forgotten era.

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A past which seems to be long ago, and yet so near. Your children won’t have any trouble passing their time playing in this car, still popular with this modern generation of kids.
Like all Baghere’s ride on vehicles, the Country Car has a clean and simple design.
Entirely made out of metal that will withstand years of play.
This children’s car was developed in France.
Extremely robust and will accompany children in all their adventures as young drivers.
Its large tires are covered with rubber allowing this car to operate on all types of surfaces (house, tarmac, stones, lawn…).
With its vintage form, this racing pedal car is packed with style.
Simple, easy to use steering system; this car is even equipped with a reverse-pedaling system.
Children from 3 to 6 years old will use this car with ease.
A child can move about freely and without danger using this system (no chain, no gears …).
The pedals are adjustable to 3 different positions which allow adjustment in order to match the growth of the child.
As the child grows it is possible to pull back the seat a few centimeters, thus allowing the child to continue playing with the car during the growth stage.
Please note this car has no brakes.
37.5″ length, 17″ width, 19” height
Rubber covered tires.
Best suites children age 3-6. 
Product/Box Weight: 23.37 pound

Age: 3-6 

CPSIA Tested: Yes

Additional information

Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions 85 × 45 × 55 cm


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