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W & P Collection The Homemade Gin Kit


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Satisfy your cocktail cravings anywhere, anytime with the Carry On collection.

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The G&T Cocktail Kit contains all the premium ingredients needed to create 2 top-shelf GnTs wherever you are, with craft tonic syrup that puts the canned stuff to shame.  
We developed our own tonic in-house — our tonic syrup includes strong capsicum and citrus flavor that’s not too sweet for a refined G&T
this tonic syrup pairs with any spirit
Neatly packaged in a crisp white tin for compact toting (psst it’s TSA-approved) with tonic syrup, 1/2 oz jigger, petite bar spoon,  and a linen coaster for an elegant finishing touch. Just add the hard stuff and stir.
A perfect gift for bachelor/bachelorette parties, weekend getaways, stocking stuffers, or for anyone who appreciates the art of a great cocktail with top-notch, premium ingredients
Please note, artwork on kits may vary while we update our packaging.  Rest assured, each tin will still have the same handy tools and delicious ingredients!

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Dimensions 38 × 29 × 13 cm


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